The weak and unstable Kingdom


It is a sunny morning as I write this, but this sunny morning is different. Two days ago I awoke to the events in Manchester Arena where a Muslim slaughtered innocent children. For two days now the rage has burned in me silently, for two days now I have pondered why I should accept a world like this and do nothing. Like I say, this morning is different, I have rarely had such clarity on what needs to be done.

In June we have a general election, we go to vote with soldiers on our streets, unsure where the next attack is coming from. Our media pours out lies and distortions of the truth, concealing inconvenient facts, peddling falsehoods that we are united against terrorism – perhaps someone needs to explain that to the terrorists and the community that produces them?

In June we go to the polls as a nation crippled by debt, a debt run up by the shadow banking system and transferred in plain sight onto the tax payer without a murmur from the media or our political class. Take a look at your tax statement, there it is about fourth on the list, the amount you paid in interest on the debt. That’s right interest, the debt is still going up, and next year you will pay even more interest on even more debt.

In June we go to the polls not as a nation that is somehow united, we go there as a dysfunctional zoo, the indigenous population feeling less and less that this is their homeland, the more settled sons and daughters of invited, legal migrants now worried about their future as they feel the country they call home no longer offers the sense of comfort and prosperity that brought their forefathers here.

This is the world our politicians have created for us – no longer a United Kingdom, no we are now a weak, unstable nation, a battered broken people ruled over a political class that hates its own people, a political class that never seems to miss an opportunity to insult them. This is the world our politicians have created for us, a world of lies, fear and terror, a sick perversion of what we once were, a world where our children are murdered or sexually abused and where we risk going to jail for having the nerve to complain about the people doing it.

I do not want this world, few outside of the establishment do either. So we either do something or we fade, the good thing is we can do something. However you voted in the EU referendum, Brexit does carry a lesson, it shows that the people of this country reject the lies of our media, it shows we reject the established order and it shows we want to change direction. I take encouragement from Brexit, at the risk of sounding like a character from a George Orwell novel I feel that if there is hope, it is to be found in us, the proles, not in our establishment.

We have too little time to organise ourselves for this coming election, all I would do say now is to urge every one of you to stop voting along tribal lines, vote tactically. If you are pro Brexit then you have little choice but to vote Conservative unless you live in a constituency where UKIP are the only viable alternative to Labour. If you oppose Brexit then this gets more tricky, the Liberals and the Greens are unlikely to form the next government and Labour seem more opaque by the day on what their plans are, so I would suggest getting behind the pro Remain candidate you think most likely to win irrespective of their party.

Whoever wins in June will be there for five years. This means we have a further five years of this world, it is not going to get better, and it is going to get worse. At the end of their term you will be even further in debt than you are now, hundreds more of us would have died at the hands of Muslims, hundreds more children abused, the lies and distortions will get worse, you will be even more fearful of the future and even more scared to speak out. Over the next five years at least another million people will be allowed to settle on our over-crowded island. More houses and infrastructure will need to be provided for them, more nature will succumb to the bulldozer, wildflowers and songbirds replaced with concrete and bitumen.

Five years from now you will be poorer, more despondent and enjoy fewer and fewer moments in your life where you can live without fear. You will be mocked and provoked further and further by an establishment that despises you, insults you and will not protect you. For those of you who voted for Brexit the odds are that there will be one last final betrayal.

And you know what I am saying will come true – but you can change it.

We have five years to organise ourselves, five years until the next General Election. In five years we can reshape the future, we must all of us stop being taken for granted, stop blindly voting along tribal lines, there must be no such thing as a safe seat ever again. Over the coming five years every MP must be made to feel as insecure as they have made us, they must really sense that if they don’t respond to our concerns through action rather than the usual lies and platitudes we will withdraw our support.

There are already promising signs of the change we need to bring about, the recent local elections saw a huge swing to the Conservatives, this masked out a very interesting trend, the rise of the independent councillors. These are councillors who have no political affiliation and (in theory at least) more likely to take account of the voter’s wishes rather than the Globalist dogma of a party machine.

Over the coming weeks I will write more about how we can field more and more independent candidates both at local and at a national level. Please do get in touch with me with ideas and suggestions if you feel you can help, I am quite easy to find on social media.

We have five years, these five years will be difficult ones for us, but there is hope and that hope lies within each and every one us.

9 25

The mad, bad policies of the Soylent Green Party

Soylent Green

When the last tree is cut down, the last fish eaten, and the last stream poisoned, you will
realize that you cannot eat money

Native American proverb

Alanis Obomsawin a Canadian film maker observed that Canada operates a depletion economy that leaves destruction in its wake. I think this statement holds true for the world as a whole. Thinkers and commentators have been observing this point from ancient times. Yet still we fail to mend our ways and use the gift of our intelligence to live a more sustainable, harmonious life with nature.

I don’t hark for some mythical Eden, I am not sure there really has been a period where mankind has lived sustainably with the environment, even when we lived in caves we hunted mega fauna like Mammoths to extinction. Given our direction of travel my guess is that if mankind somehow manages to survive for another thousand years the largest predators left on the planet will be Chihuahuas.

No, to my mind the folly is that we understand our nature, we understand that wherever we live, if there is enough land for everyone to graze two goats some of us will graze three, this will of course mean thinner goats for everyone – but hey I now have three goats you only have two is our mentality. You may consider yourself a two goat person but it makes no difference to nature, you may not have done the damage but our species has. Our species has a damaging element within its number that will demand and exploit for more because that is what drives them. Now we can bemoan this until the cows come home it does not alter the reality of the way human beings are.

Most of us are responsible but we carry a destructive element with us and we have failed to develop the mechanisms to control their greed. This failure affects us all and I fear we are close coming to the point that if we do not act nature will step in and control our greed for us.

All is not doom an gloom though, there is the more decent kinder aspect of our nature, amongst the apes, humans are amongst the more altruistic, compared to Chimpanzees we are positively angelic. Most of us have experienced at some point in our lives an animal in distress seeking our help, this tells me that there is something hopeful and healing about humans that nature senses. I truly believe that it is this quality in us that can save both ourselves and the world we live in. On another day and on a cheerier topic I would argue that if we want Eden then we can build it ourselves, we are that capable.

Since no leader or Government has made a serious attempt at dealing with the darker aspect of our nature the only viable solution I can see for us is to instead control our numbers. The fewer greedy people there are the less damage they can cause. More widely the fewer of us there are the less pollution there will be. If our numbers were controlled adequately nature could probably cope.

Given the pressing need for the human race to address over population one would have thought the Green Party of all of our political parties would be taking the lead on this – particularly with a General Election coming up in 2017. So here are the main ticket items for the Green Party that will sweep them into power.

Imagine a political system that puts the public first. Imagine an economy that gives everyone their fair share
. In other words we have no plans to move away from the Globalists depletion economic model.

Imagine a society capable of supporting everyone’s needs. Imagine a planet protected from the threat of climate change now and for the generations to come. That’s the world we want to create and we believe we have the means to do it. There are currently 7.5 billion human beings on the planet, this is expected to reach 9.7 billion by 2050 – and the Green Party wants to ensure they all get a car, a TV and cheap air travel.

By ensuring that everyone has access to a secure job that pays at least the Living Wage we will build an economy that works for the common good, not just the privileged few. By restoring public services to public hands we will ensure they are run in the interests of the people that use them.
Fair enough – although I should point out it was your beloved EU that forced us to privatise most of them in the first place.

By investing in renewable energy and reducing our reliance on fossil fuels, we will build a stable and sustainable society that protects our planet from climate change. I am all for renewables but wind turbines are not reliable enough and short of covering the UK in photovoltaic cells solar power is not going to do it either. There is no mention here of the role of nuclear power in energy production. Closing nuclear plants will mean we have to burn more fossil fuels which undermines any effort to reduce reliance on them.

By building more social rented homes and bringing abandoned buildings back into use we will ensure that everyone has a secure and affordable place to live. So here we have a Green Party that instead of addressing the need to control population in an already over crowded island their response is to concrete over what little nature that is left to house even more people.

So what other plans do the Green Party have to deal with the most important issue facing mankind? Well on their news page we have a Full Social Justice Warrior piece on dealing with Islamophobia (natch). A commitment to fairness and democracy by running a second referendum on EU membership to overturn the democratic will of the people (fairly of course). A demand for sixteen year olds to get the vote and some more Social Justice Warrior stuff about the need to give away the taxes of poor people in foreign aid so that they can feel good about themselves.

And this makes me angry.

It makes me angry because at a time when our planet is dying, as we live through one of the great mass extinctions caused solely by man, the one political movement that should be campaigning to steer us away from our insane economic policies is more interested in stopping people complaining about getting blown up or mown down by religious zealots and thinks giving votes to two year olds is somehow going to save the planet.

We’re doomed if we stick with this lot.

The EU- the Empire Strikes Back


A week or so has passed since the PM invoked Article 50. A weeks or so on and one of the things I had hoped would begin to tail off is the vile caricature Brexiteers have to put up with from some on the Remain side. This week however has seen no respite. We had the usual lynch mob response over the assault of an asylum seeker with the BBC going into full Social Justice Warrior mode – before of course some inconvenient facts emerged i.e. the alleged attackers were not white and – well even the BBC would find that one hard to pin on Brexit. So another week of casual insults and vile name calling. They seem to come in waves, but normally follow the pattern that;

  1. I am stupid and ignorant.
  2. I am a racist (xenophobic for the SJW who went to public school).
  3. I did not really mean it and will change my mind.

I can’t be bothered to deal with the first two points, knock yourself out, I am past caring, some of best friends are Remainers etc. etc. As for point 3 dream on sunshine, dream on. All that said I am quite impressed with a more inventive insult being levelled at me. This one emerged on social media over the weekend. Apparently I want to rebuild the empire. Yes you heard it right, when I went in to the polling booth to put my cross in the box that said Leave the EU I failed to read the terms and conditions that clearly stated I wanted to recreate the British Empire. Silly me, I thought I was voting for my country to become an independent state.

My musings developed further after reading an excellent blog from Pete North – Blue passports and all that.

I thought it useful to look at the meaning of the term independent state. So I consulted Dr Google and found this definition

Independence is a condition of a nation, country, or state in which its residents and population, or some portion thereof, exercise self-government, and usually sovereignty, over the territory.

The definition pretty much confirmed what independence means to me, I doubt too many Brexiteers would argue that this is what we want for our country.

What about Empire? I hear you say, so I searched again and this took me to a load of cinema listings which had no relevance to this blog other than to jog my memory to go and see The Founder this weekend. I refined my search under ‘Empire meaning’, this is one of the definitions

An extensive group of states or countries ruled over by a single monarch, an oligarchy, or a sovereign state.

Hmm…Now this does seem at odds with my desire to live in a free, democratic independent nation. However if you think more deeply about the definition it seems to describe the EU more than it does the UK.

Because it does, the EU is not a democracy – please don’t give me twaddle about the EU Parliament, not even the BBC tries to peddle that lie. The EU is run by powerful, unaccountable people. Countries under its dominion have surrendered much of their sovereignty, their political leaders are merely Viziers of the Empire, Viziers chosen by their people but Viziers nonetheless.

Like all Empires the EU has territorial ambitions, until recently it had designs on Turkey. It has already meddled in Ukraine and succeeded in antagonising Russia and as it pushes its Empire further east the risk of a confrontation grows.

Empires are about territory and establishing systems within subject nations to control the people. The divide and rule strategy so cleverly deployed by the Romans is at work in this country evidenced by fake nationalist movements that don’t actually seek independence, they wish instead to move their capital city to Brussels and be ruled directly from there.

How about our state media? Funded in part by the EU, it should come as little surprise that it pushes their propaganda. Academia? Well of course, since a valuable source of income comes from the Empire what harm is there in making sure our young people kowtow to the Emperor.

Empires flood subject nations with their colonists to dilute the sense of identity of the indigenous population. Do you really think the influx of nearly five million people into this country after the Lisbon Treaty was signed was an unforeseen consequence?

Empires seek to crush the spirit of a people and diminish their cultural heritage. Next time you are on the continent take a look at the Euro bank notes, there is no Mozart or Voltaire shown in a thoughtful pose, no rose, no eagle, no Little Mermaid. No, what you see are the meaningless, anodyne symbols of the Empire.

I sense this is what is planned for the people of the Empire, the destruction of their culture and their ancient way of life to be forged into a new super state of people that have no bonds to anyone or anything. People with no cultural heritage, no notion of the enlightenment and the magnificent achievements of their once proud nations. Just a mass of individuals who have been raised to believe that they now live in a country called Eutopia.

In a way I am grateful to the Remain die-hards for their accusation, it made me think about a response. As I thought more deeply about the notion of Empire the more my thinking crystallised. To my mind we have become a subject nation of an Empire, an Empire that does not want to lose its territory. This Empire does not care the people that live on these islands, it never has, far from it, its wants them removed or at least diminished to a point where they can do little to resist. This is not about us, it is about the control of the wealth and treasure of this nation.

So my question is now, is the Hard Brexit strategy being adopted by our political leaders really a method to ensure our desire for independence becomes unpalatable? Is the purpose of the Article 50 negotiations really a hiatus to allow the Empire and the Vizier time to work up a fig leaf that will convince enough of us that we are somehow an independent nation state? I don’t know the answers – but the thought troubles me deeply and the signs are not good.

9 25



Brexit Day – the people’s victory

I have no sense of joy at leaving the EU, just relief. I always saw Brexit as a grim duty. I still do. I don’t want to re-open the Brexit debate itself here, what I want to do is draw attention to the role of independent bloggers and campaigners who I feel were never given credit for the role they played in the campaign.

Today sees the start of a new path for my country, one that I felt would be forever denied to us. In terms of our economy I do not know how Brexit will pan out for us; being more on the soft Brexit side of the debate I feel the EEA/EFTA option was a missed opportunity. Nonetheless, regrettable as it seems (to me at least) I am thankful that we are now finally leaving the EU, I have seldom been clearer in my mind about anything; it is the right thing to do. The journey for me has been a hard one, mentally and physically demanding during the campaign, battered by some of the vitriol I experienced subsequent to the vote by some within my social circle for the crime of exercising my democratic right.

The news on the morning after the referendum came as much of surprise to me as everyone else. I had campaigned hard in the months leading up to the referendum and with a couple of weeks to go I really felt we were going to do it. However the sad murder of Jo Cox I felt changed the mood – for both sides and I sensed a more sombre atmosphere in the week before the vote.

I stayed up for a couple of hours to watch the earlier results, these seemed to suggest we were close but not close enough, the media kept reporting that Nigel Farage had already conceded. I was tired and drained by it all and I had an early start at work next day, so I turned in believing we had lost.

When I got up I did not listen to the radio as I normally do when I have my breakfast, I simply could not stomach the gloating of the BBC. I waited until I went to have my shower; my radio there is tuned to music rather than talk radio. So I was stunned that instead of the latest sounds all I got was the news that we had won, against all odds, we had won.

So what motivated me to become an independent Brexit campaigner in the first place? Well for me the path started in the early noughties. I probably had made up my mind about the EU around about the time of the signing of the EU constitution – poorly disguised as the Lisbon treaty. All three main parties had promised the British people a referendum on the treaty; all three ensured that was never offered. It was then that I realised that the EU was something being done to us rather than something being done for us, it confirmed something that I had long suspected, that the EU was anti democratic.

The decade that followed I, like millions of others was denied a voice but I always carried the hope of a referendum on our membership of the EU. The unexpected election of a Conservative government in 2015 with a mandate to hold one made this suddenly possible. It was about September 2015 when I started to seriously consider how to campaign, at that time David Cameron had promised the referendum before 2018 so I knew if I was going to do something it had to be done fairly soon so I started work on building a campaign web site.

In terms of content for the site, I had studied the EU for a number of years so was quite familiar with its structure and had a reasonable understanding of how it operates – a lacuna in the knowledge of many of my pro EU friends, many of whom still believe (even now) that the EU Parliament somehow exercises democratic control. Pardon the digression but it strikes me that the only useful thing the EU Parliament does is to provide an income stream to UKIP. The irony is not lost on me.

Returning to the subject of content, as an independent I knew I would need a source for some of the more detailed and technical arguments. I reasoned that the economic case was always going to be the Remain campaign’s strongest suit having seen it played in the Scottish referendum.

I was not in complete agreement with all of UKIPs policies and although I no longer vote Labour the tribal part of me found it difficult to align with anything coming from the Conservative Party. The movement closest to my heart, the Green Party, were so absurdly pro EU there was little value in looking for support there. So after a number of weeks of researching I found Leave EU. I was quite inspired by the Flexcit plan of Dr North and knew about his connections to Christopher Booker, a Telegraph journalist whose articles I find engaging and thought provoking. I was also quite impressed with their stable of bloggers like Pete North and Lost Leonardo, Sam Hooper and Roland Smith. These were campaigners that made the case for Brexit through logic and not the emotive arguments made by UKIP and the official Leave campaign.

The official Leave campaign looked too much of an establishment stitch up to me, when the Conservative Party gets to run both sides of the argument you can pretty much guess the Conservative Party is going to win the argument. As an aside – a shocking revelation from a Brexiteer to Remain voters – no I didn’t believe the £350 million for the NHS either, when I saw that one I wanted to hide behind the sofa. Well done Boris et al. That one will follow us around for a couple of years.

So I entered the campaign with a web site, informal contacts with Leave EU and an active Twitter account (a form of social media I used to hate). I had also managed to build up quite a circle on the Daily Telegraph’s comments page before it was shut down just before the referendum – fortunately a number of us managed to stay in contact on other platforms. This formed a fairly good network of Brexiteers across the political spectrum for me to transmit messages from Leave EU, useful stuff from other Brexit groups as well as my own contributions – which of course won the day.

As the excitement built to the three month lead up to the campaign I was amazed at how many like minded people there were out there who took the time to contact me and coordinate things. There was Tim who prepared his own pretty neat poster – I posted it on my web site to allow others to download, 500 copies of which I delivered in my area per Tim’s instructions. There was Graham, a UKIP supporter and active participant on the Disqus forums who acted as my wing man fighting pro EU trolls on many occasions and totally understood that we needed to counter the lies of the BBC. There was Bella Sassin, a comedienne who loves to stick it to the Liberal elite. It was to Bella that I wrote and confided that something compelled me to get involved, I simply did not want to grow old wishing I had done something. And there was Daniel, a fanatical Chelsea fan, limited in his movements due to illness who helped manage my Twitter account during the day.

Beyond this, thousands of people on Twitter, Facebook and Disqus, thousands I have never met who engaged with me, helped me construct better arguments, corrected my grammar, helped me summarise, helped me sharpen my thoughts.

So to all of you out there, Pete North, Lost Leonardo, Roland Smith, Sam Hooper, Bella Sassin, Chauncey Tinker, Graham, Tim and Daniel, here’s to you, all of you who got off your backsides to do something. Your story will be told one day by a better writer than me – but that does not matter right now, it was your victory as much as anyone else’s.

Here’s to all the independent Brexiteers, ‘the little ships’ of the referendum campaign that saved our nation. Against all odds we did it, we did it.

Tony Blair – a man prepared to lie for his country.

It is been a week now since Tony Blair made his Oscar winning speech at an Open Britain event on the 17th of February, calling on the country to rise up and block Brexit. The speech itself held no surprises for me although I had not realised my contempt for the man had much further to go. My disdain for the man aside I have had a few days to reflect on what is happening here. 

The elite media – the BBC in particular gave Mr Blair an unchallenged platform for the entire day, not a single journalist managed to ask a single question as to why he has the right to undermine democracy in this country. Given the way the BBC and the rest of the elite media operate this was fairly predictable but what is disturbing is that few journalists seem to understand this is why millions of ordinary people like me no longer trust them.


Tony Blair referred to patriotism in his speech “How hideously, in this debate, is the mantle of patriotism abused. We do not argue for Britain in Europe because we are citizens of nowhere”. Subsequently I have noticed a worrying shift in the mood music from the elite media. Remain seem to be very keen to introduce the term patriotic as an adjective for what they seek to achieve. Now throughout the campaign I deliberately avoided playing the patriotism card, I felt that if we went down that route very shortly the term traitor would come up. For the sake of brevity I believe in my country and my people and see no need for them to be ruled by a foreign unelected power, I would argue that means I could be described as a patriot. Remain really should have a deep and meaningful about this narrative, giving away sovereignty and our taxes to foreign agents takes a huge leap of mental gymnastics to be described as patriotism. Is the end game to portray Brexiteers as traitors? For real? Good luck with that one.


My deeper concern is the steady drumbeat that is starting to portray pensioners as the new hate figures in the gallery of deplorables for the elite media and the Remain campaign. This is nasty stuff and needs to be stamped out before it gains traction. It has all the hallmarks of the poison peddled by Alistair Campbell and Peter Mandelson (Tony Blair’s chums). How this one works is to sow a seed in the minds of the young and so called Liberals that it is bigoted old people that took us out of the EU. Well a couple of points here, these bigoted people resisted both fascism and then communism to keep our country free. As for the young, well about 30% of young people wanted to leave the EU. The difference being these 30% of young people bothered to vote. Last of all, blindingly obvious that it is, we all become pensioners one day, so let’s not go there eh?


Returning to Mr Blair’s speech, the unchallenged narrative being pushed is that people are allowed to change their mind and there should be a second vote. This is of course disingenuous. For those of us that decided years ago that the EU was corrupt and anti democratic we were never given a vote on the EU constitution – dressed up as the Lisbon treaty, this despite being promised a referendum by all three main parties. So we sat there, denied our voice because for many of us that hold more left of centre views voting for UKIP was not really an option.


Yet finally a mainstream party – the Conservatives, offered us a real choice, a meaningful vote, an in out referendum. So I held my nose, I voted Tory solely as a vehicle to secure the more meaningful vote. Somehow I doubt I was alone in this and it may well explain the Conservative victory in the General election (I guess Labour being pants also helped).


Now I introduce this point for a reason, you see Brexit can be overturned, of course it can, but it should be done so democratically. So for all of you demanding a second referendum I would say this, vote for a party that promises to hold a referendum on re-joining the EU in the next general election. Get a mandate for what you seek instead of what you are doing at the moment which is to subvert democracy and my rights as a taxpayer and citizen to have my voice heard for a change.


If you are unwilling to do this can you at least stop calling yourself Liberal or Progressive? You see there are other terms that better describe you.

The cult of no borders and the death of the Green Belt

I was born in London, within the sound of the Bow Bells which makes me a Cockney. When I was young my parents moved to Hertfordshire and the delights of Hemel Hempstead, right in the heart of the Green Belt.
Like most working class kids in the town my parents did not have much money but my childhood was a happy one. One of the real pleasures of growing up in Hemel was the freedom I had and the sense of space all around me. When I got bored with terrorising my neighbours I caught fish, hunted rabbits, climbed trees and generally made a nuisance of myself. During the summer holidays I would love to set off with friends on epic bike rides exploring the countryside.

It is of course easy to look back on all of this and be overly sentimental, yet when you experience nature like this you are also aware of the harshness of the natural environment, I understood it was better to kill an injured animal than leave it suffer, so I learned to dispatch wildlife quickly and cleanly, taking no pleasure in this but feeling no remorse either. 

I now live in London but my love of nature has never left me and at weekends if we get time my wife and I head off into the countryside to go exploring. I am not a religious person but I find that something deeply spiritual in me is awakened when I am close to nature once more. There is just something about being in an ancient forest that connects me to something grander and more meaningful than my comfortable life in London.

I believe one of the reasons for the growing disconnect between the people that live in cities and the people that live in the country is their lack of contact with nature. Nature is many things, tough and beautiful are two attributes but you can be certain of one thing, nature is no liberal, nature has no time for frivolity. I think that without exposure to nature our thinking becomes more and more at odds with reality. We lose our grounding and our ability to understand our true character.

So given the importance of nature to our general well being I was quite disturbed to hear the BBC running various pieces this weekend over the need to build on the Green Belt. Where the BBC is concerned I have a deep suspicion when they start a new narrative without any obvious connection to a current news story. The fact that most of the speakers arguing for the need to build on Green Belt land were barely challenged tells me that the BBC et al are in the process of preparing us for some done deal to concrete over the last remaining parts of countryside in the South East of England.

Not once did I hear any speak out that this perceived need to do this is a direct consequence of social policy. Mass immigration being the obvious one, adding three million people to the population of a small island in the space of a decade would bring obvious pressures. Less well considered is the neo Liberal social policies that attack the family as the basic building block of society, reducing us to individuals. A society made up of individuals requires more housing, an already overcrowded island adding millions of people adds even further pressure on our countryside.

So where are the people who should be resisting this? Our Green Party? Nope don’t look for any common sense from that quarter; they have all bought into the same insane no borders dogma of the Globalists. The book Soylent Green was intended as a warning, not a manifesto commitment from the Green Party.

On a daily basis I see the pressure nature is under, urban foxes are a common visitor from nature in my neighbourhood (especially on recycling day). I spend a lot of time in Spain, you never see a fox – even in the countryside, this tells me that foxes don’t want to live with us but in Britain they have no choice, we have concreted over so much of the environment they have nowhere else to go.

All of us that care about nature must make a stand now, we must protect our Green Belt, we must protect nature. We must all say loud and clear that enough is enough, our population needs to shrink not increase and we will not build on a single inch of our Green Belt. So stop believing this fake narrative from the BBC and the rest of the elite media, our sanity as human beings depends on it.