The BBC – a distortion of the truth

Attacking the BBC for bias is a bit of a national pastime. When I was younger it was fashionable to attack it for what was perceived as a Conservative party bias, certainly I remember it for being quite stuffy and old fashioned. More recently the BBC has come under criticism from the other direction of the spectrum, many commentators from the right now bemoan the perceived left wing bias of the BBC.

I spend a lot of time in Spain, being able to understand the language I tend to catch my news from the Spanish TV stations. At first I thought the difference in the news coverage was a cultural thing, but then I became increasingly aware of the glaring differences in the versions of the story.

It was the coverage of the Tottenham riots that really drew my attention. Spanish TV is not noted for political correctness so I was not too surprised that the images showed most of the rioters as being from an ethnic minority background – as opposed to the BBC which was clear that the rioters were all white British people. Clearly both versions could not be correct so I decided to research the story more widely to see how other nations reported it. Not surprisingly the BBC version was not exactly accurate.

Since then I have been wary of BBC coverage on anything other than the weather. I am now of the opinion that the BBC is no longer an institution we should be proud of it is now working against the interests of the British people. Far from covering the news the BBC has a clear message it wants to project, it just uses news items to do this. The recent coverage on the migrant crisis should be evidence enough. The attempts by the BBC to cover up and divert attention from the events in Cologne are utterly shameful – is protecting the EU really worth this?

The BBC now extends across too many forms of media. It is not just broadcast media, the BBC web site is drowning out all the other voices, go into a newsagent – take a look at how many of the glossy magazines are actually BBC publications.

Allowing an organisation to gain control over so much of how we gather information is very risky. When this organisation sets out to distort the truth and peddle lies that are contrary to the interests of the people it is downright dangerous.

Most people want to live simple, uncomplicated lives, when their main source of information starts to deceive them and manipulate then slowly but surely they can have their country stolen from them.

The BBC has been pushing a pro EU agenda for many years now, on the rare occasion when airtime is given to someone who opposes the EU, they are portrayed as cranks or eccentric. Parties and organisations that oppose the EU are described by using unnecessary adjectives such as ‘far right’ or ‘far left’ or given a prefix ‘controversial’. All of this is designed to manipulate you.

My trust in the BBC has gone, reform is no longer an option that I could be persuaded to consider, it needs to be brought to an end to allow other voices to be heard, at least then we will sometimes get to hear the truth.


British Awakening