Is this a referendum or window dressing for an EU coup?


There is general agreement that the United Kingdom was taken into what was then the Common Market under false pretences. The people of the country were assured that the Common Market was a trading organisation and not a political construct.

The people of this country were offered a referendum in 1975 and asked to vote to continue membership on this basis. The people voted to remain in the Common Market.

Since the 1975 referendum various governments have signed treaties with the European Union transferring powers to a foreign government based in Brussels. They had no mandate from the electorate to do this.

All three main political parties have taken the same line of supporting this transfer of powers, until the advent of UKIP this robbed the people of the United Kingdom of any democratic say in the matter.

We have now finally been presented a referendum on our membership of the European Union. Our Prime Minister has said he will campaign to remain on the basis of a series of reforms that are meaningless.

The full weight of most of our establishment coupled with constant pro EU BBC propaganda is being mobilised against the people of this country. £9 million pounds of our own tax money has been spent to put the pro EU case without an opportunity for the other side to present their arguments.

Even further assistance is being provided by the banks and aired freely and constantly via the IMF – the people that have plundered Greece and thrown its people into poverty and its wealth and treasure given to the banks (your turn soon).

Both the Leave and Remain campaigns are being led by the Conservative Party. There were better organisations to lead the Leave campaign, the worst one was chosen.

The endemic problem with voting fraud in our current system has not been addressed and we go into to vote with a system wide open to vote rigging.

The votes will be counted by Jenny Watson a well noted advocate of the EU.

This is not democracy; it is not a fair vote being offered to the people.

It seems to me that this is not a referendum at all; it looks more like window dressing to legitimise an EU coup.


The madness of the EU and economists


Brexit provides the opportunity for us to change direction not just us but for our dying world.
For too long we have allowed the high priests of economics to dominate our thinking. Much as I love reading the subject it lacks precision or consensus. Our world has become blindsided to the economist’s insane obsession with ‘growth’.

‘Growth’ where the EU debate is concerned seems to involve importing more and more people buying smart phones they do not need, destroying an ancient beautiful culture in the process of creating a body of ‘consumers’. The consequence is that more and more of our beautiful island is destroyed to make way for concrete and tarmac.

Our world is dying, we have to stop this madness, we have to listen to other voices, to do this we have to leave the EU and show the world there is another way.

If we do not; Gaia will protect herself and the other life we share this planet with.
There is no greater threat to our existence than our own greed and stupidity.

Why do we accept an establishment that no longer believes in Britain?

david-cameron-eu flag

For too long now the people of this island have had the constant drip, drip message from the BBC and our political class that they are not good enough and that they need millions of foreigners to do their jobs.

The people of this country have had enough, they want their country back and they want
leaders that believe in them, care about them and protect them.

We want to see the back of the current bunch who just want to strut their egos around on the world stage grandstanding on the same issues they have obsessed about since their days in the sixth form common room.

The same bunch that think that they own this country and its wealth. The same bunch that are in the process of giving it away. The same bunch that have complete contempt for our safety our culture and our ancient way of life.

If they no longer believe in us, why should we believe in them?

It is time for Brexit, it is time for us to turn our backs on the banks and their endless austerity, to turn our backs on the mad science of economics and its insane planet killing obsession with growth.

It is time for the people to take their country back and decide their own future.

The BBC and how lies work


Most of us like to live in a world that is safe and predictable; we build a model in our minds that tries to explain existence along these lines. I believe that this model helps us along the way – if it did not then I guess a lot of us would not leave home in the morning for fear of being eaten by a lion. Most days our model works, we go about our daily business and our model helps us function and stay sane. Yet it is a model, every day we live with the threat of man made threats such as road accidents and more natural ones such as floods and disease. When I internalise this thought I realise that my model really runs along the lines of ‘so far so good’.

Our model acts as a shield against some of the harsher realities of the world we live in so it needs constant maintenance and here is our great weaknesses – we are so vulnerable to lies. We believe lies that support our model and what is worse we believe lies that suppress the truth where the truth would harm our model.

It could be argued to a degree some lies are useful, telling your auntie that she looks awful in the new dress she has just bought would probably make her feel bad and damage your relationship.

However there are lies that are harmful and damaging, some politicians and journalists exploit these lies. Eventually those with power learn how to make lying into a malign science, by manipulating the language and establishing control of the media they can start to control how you think and what is perhaps worse change your language to corrupt what is good and true and replace it with the dark and unwholesome.

This is now the world you live in , a world of lies.

In our society the most organised and professional mechanism for spreading lies unsurprisingly is the media, more specifically the BBC. The BBC controls most of our news content at a national level and has managed to virtually extinguish all other voices at a local level – why are the BBC so intent on destroying local radio? Is it because we tend to trust people that we know?

The BBC now dominates the airwaves and is making serious in-roads into our print and digital media. If this was a privately owned organisation its power and extent would have been limited many years ago.

This is not an accident, I believe it is deliberate, a deliberate orchestrated plan to silence other voices and ensure that all you hear is one uncontested voice. This one voice pounds away every day in every way telling you that membership of the EU is a good thing that mass immigration is a good thing that bailing out the banks with your money was necessary. Day in day out this message chisels away at your thoughts in a world where it is virtually unchallenged.

But is a lie and I hope to explain to you how you are lied to and how you can see through the lie and look instead for the truth.

One of the most effective ways of deception is to distract the observer from what is really going on; magicians do this all the time in magic shows. Our country is in the process of being taken from its indigenous people and control handed over to foreign agents. Since it is unlikely that any people would ever accept this loss to their birth-right, they need to be distracted, this is what has been happening to us, and this is what the BBC is expert at doing. Even now the BBC is pushing the line that Brexit is a mistake and that democracy should be ignored. This is playing with fire, once you go down this path no government has any legitimacy to rule and call itself democratic.

This brings me on to how these lies are spread. Quite often something is so obviously bad that however well-crafted the argument you put forward few are ever going to believe you. So how do you deceive people? You change the language, you twist things and their meanings and corrupt what is wholesome and true with the dark and sinister.

One of my favourite examples at the moment is the concerted effort to introduce the term ‘irregular migrant’ into our language – remember the word used to be illegal immigrant? The first time I remember seeing the term was in publications from the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) a self-declared ‘progressive’ think tank. The IPPR argued that the purpose of the term was to remove the negative view people held on illegal immigrants. Somehow we have allowed our language to change, the term irregular migrant is not always used at the moment but the BBC has tried to slip it in a few times already – you will notice that the word illegal immigrant has disappeared.

Why am I so bothered about the term ‘irregular migrant’? Well the real problem I have is that once we go down this road we allow people to sanitise criminal activity. After all being in someone else’s country is a very binary condition, you are either there legally or illegally. If you accept this change in language then we move to a world where burglars become ‘uninvited guests’ and sex offenders ‘irregular partners’. Allowing your language to be corrupted in this way paves the way for some very dark practices to become normalised because we have lost the ability to express our revulsion. I think we are all now familiar with the BBC’s relaxed views on child protection.

In a previous blog I also drew attention to the way the media and politicians use adjectives to manipulate you. A few weeks ago I saw a BBC news report concerning the Alternative for Deutschland party (AfD) conference in Stuttgart and the violent protest outside the conference building. The BBC ran the item by describing it as a conference by the ‘far right’ AfD being marred by left wing protestors. Now think about this. Like them or not (I don’t in case you were wondering) the AfD are a political party and operate in a democracy, the use of the term ‘far right’ is intended to manipulate you, to instil a sense of revulsion, to encourage you to think – ah these people must be bad. Now think more deeply, the protestors were described by the more innocuous term ‘left wing’, which is a strange way to report on people using political violence to stop others expressing their opinions and their right to assembly. I know some people out there spotted this, but most did not.

This is how you are lied to, your language is corrupted and twisted, needless adjectives like extreme or controversial are added to a sentence to manipulate you. Next time you hear or read the term ‘far right’ or ‘extreme left’ think ! Because you are being manipulated, you are quite able to make up your own mind left to your own devices.

If I have still not managed to convince you then consider this, it is equally possible to change the narrative in the other direction. Would you perhaps be comfortable with the media and politicians calling immigration colonisation instead? Do you really think it sensible for some on the left to talk about ‘transporting’ Jewish people from Israel? Because if you do that then you legitimise others asking to transport other minorities out of our country. If you do not take on board what I am saying then this is the world you will end up creating.

So rebel against the lies and take the step that millions of us have already taken, cancel your television licence and stop funding the BBC. All you have to do is notify them you do not watch live or recorded TV. After all most of us these days use our TVs for other things such as playing computer games, watching DVDs or surfing the web.

Now here is the good part, once you are aware of how the media spread lies it actually starts to get easier to see the deception. If I can achieve one thing in this life it is to help you and others to see through the lies and to seek your own truth. When someone keeps using needless adjectives when the noun is all that is required they are trying to manipulate you, when someone is trying to change a term in order to sanitise criminal or immoral behaviour they are concealing a lie.

We have no hope of creating a more honest world whilst the BBC is allowed to exist. Brexit does provide a chance to change things. It comes with no guarantees but I hope I have managed to nudge you towards seeking the truth for yourself and demanding that those that lead us in the future seek a more truthful relationship with the people of this island.

For you there is only one absolute truth, you exist. Rebuild your model from that, if something has no tangible connection with your existence then you should doubt it.

Now you have got to the end of my piece, if you have understood me and unless you know me, refute everything I have written. Instead find your own true nature, the one that was there the day you were born, it was always there, it always is, find it because in the coming years it will give you courage. Our fight for freedom and independence is going to be a long struggle, do not underestimate what we are up against.

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