The curious incident of democracy and the EU in the night


The unification of European nation states via democratic means i.e. with the agreement and the goodwill of the people of Europe would have taken many decades to achieve. It would have required transparent and accountable leadership and a clear vision of what this new country would look like and how it planned its future. With a commitment to being as honest as is practicable and proving demonstrable benefits to the average citizen over the years even die hard nationalists like me would either have fallen into line or found ourselves more and more isolated.

Sadly the European Union chose instead to ignore democracy and impose itself on the people of Europe. Whether this was driven by a desire to accelerate the process or orchestrated by a cabal of sinister and unseen agents the effect is the same, democracy hardly exists in the EU. We live in a pretend democracy and we have to face up to the reality of the situation we find ourselves in.

The first warnings were there with the referenda over the Lisbon treaty, France, the Netherlands and the Republic of Ireland all rejected the treaty. The EU demonstrated no effort to reflect the wishes of the voters, a couple of paragraphs in the treaty were amended – famously trumpeted by Mark Mardell of the BBC as removing any mention of flags or anthems. Materially the treaty remained unchanged and the voters were told to vote again after a long period of EU propaganda, threats and misinformation in order to obtain the ‘correct result’.

More recently the EU has moved to simply ignore referenda as the recent ones held in Greece and the Netherlands has shown. Perhaps more worryingly is the emergence of a possible new tactic of the ‘postal vote’ which led to a curious result in the Austrian Presidential election.

Voters in the UK were denied any opportunity to vote on the Lisbon treaty, the three main parties made a convenient arrangement that would allow Parliament to ratify the treaty without a mandate from the people, David Cameron’s Conservatives ‘pushed’ for a vote to reject the treaty but had no chance of securing enough votes as the Liberal Democrats decided to abstain (wow – what are the odds?).

I think it was at this point I realised there was no democratic way out of this, Westminster was set on upon imposing the EU on the people of this country without a mandate. Democracy had become a minor inconvenience to their plans and so long as the three main parties played the game and the media and the BBC in particular joined in with the charade then Parliament could proceed against the wishes of the people without too much trouble.

David Cameron could now proceed with his anti EU pantomime, he conveniently ditched the much promised referendum on the Lisbon treaty when he formed a coalition with the Liberals in 2010, muttering words about the deal already being done.

However something appeared to upset the calculations of Parliament, UKIP were making steady inroads and becoming a bit of a threat both to the Conservatives and Labour. Personally I think the collapse of the Labour vote in Scotland in the 2015 General Election threw a huge spanner in the works, the Conservatives managed to secure a majority and David Cameron now had to deliver on his promise to hold a referendum on the basis of a series of reforms of the EU.

I do not think there is much point in expanding on the so called ‘reforms’ the Prime Minister says he has obtained, even his pro EU backers in the media were unable to help him polish this particular one.

So here we are now – on the verge of a referendum to finally have our say. I should be confident, I work in a blue collar environment and the working class vote seems almost non-existent. Yet something does not feel quite right.

I can hardly say I was surprised to see the full weight of the establishment come out in favour of the EU, the daily diet of pro EU lies from the BBC happened as I expected it to and I knew we would be presented with a rolling barrage of EU guff from the conveyor belt of experts whose jobs depended on the EU.

No what concerns me is this, we go in to this referendum with a suspect electoral system, we have seen vote rigging increasing over the years in places like Tower Hamlets – and the Police investigation quietly dropped without any charges (go figure). We have seen suspicious results due in part to the postal vote in Bradford and Thanet. We have an Electoral Commission that is unconcerned about these things and we have a story of Conservative electoral fraud in the last general election going mainly unreported by the media. The Brexit movement appears to be going in to this referendum playing with a marked deck and Westminster is shameless about it.

Despite all of these things, even if we do prevail I suspect Parliament will ignore the wishes of the people. Whatever the outcome of the referendum, Parliament would need to vote to allow us to leave the EU and here I think is David Cameron’s last card to play, if he can ensure enough opposition MPs side with pro EU Conservatives he can block us leaving and we will be robbed at the last.

This will I believe finally reveal the truth of our situation, our Parliament has no interest in democracy, its interest is in imposing its will irrespective of the wishes of this people. This then prompts me to ask of Parliament, if you no longer represent the people. Who exactly is it you represent?

I would like to know.


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