Tony Blair – Destroyer of Worlds


The attempts by some in the Remain camp to force a second referendum is hardly news. To a degree this was to be expected, after all I doubt everyone in the Leave campaign would have accepted the vote if it had gone the other way. Fortunately most of us believe democracy is too precious a thing to place in harm’s way and I am very encouraged by the way that the ‘soft’ Remain vote are working to achieve a consensus with the soft side of Brexit.

So if I am generally pleased with the way things are going why I am writing about a second referendum? Well it is because of who has popped up and offered himself as the leader for this insurgency against democracy, the one and only Tony Blair.

Tony Blair is the reason I no longer vote for Labour, to my mind Tony Blair hijacked the party and destroyed its socialist roots. Under his leadership, Labour became incredibly successful at winning elections but it sold its soul to do so. When you have senior people in the Labour party like Lord Mandelson making smug statements that they are comfortable around rich people, you start to get uncomfortable about their real motives. It was about the time of the Iraq War when the realisation hit me that all Labour had no interest in the working class – its sole interest was power.

I strongly feel that Labour, under Blair betrayed the working class of this country, Labour had no mandate from the people to inflict massive demographic change on them. Tony Blair just went ahead and did it and no one in the Labour party challenged it or tested the consequences of this policy.

The Iraq war I think provides a strong indicator of Tony Blair’s agenda, I struggle to think of a Labour leader from the past who would have taken us to war with so little reason. I would argue that the Iraq War was a key feature in the breakdown in trust between the people and Westminster, I am not one given to conspiracy theories but it is very difficult to resist the notion that some unseen agents influenced Tony Blair’s decision to go to war.

Since then of course we have had the Chilcot report, a report that I think surprised most people in its criticism of Tony Blair, I do not think I was alone in expecting a whitewash.

So here’s the thing with Tony Blair, any normal human being would have hidden away in shame, a normal human being would have by now understood the sheer anger at his handling of the whole affair. For a brief period I thought he was indeed normal, he made an apology and I expected him to disappear and ply his trade as a key note speaker at conferences for washing machine salesmen.

Yet no, here is, agitating against Brexit, lobbying for a second referendum – his argument, well people are allowed to change their minds.

His ego and his hypocrisy seem to have no bounds. Is this the same Tony Blair that held more referenda under his leadership than any other Prime Minister? Are we now to ignore the Welsh vote for their own assembly? Maybe we should implement proportional representation despite the vote? How about Scottish Independence? Let’s ignore that one too and declare Alec Salmon the winner. Oh but hang on – we did vote to stay in the Common Market in 1974, his argument might unravel a bit if we overturn that bit of democracy.

So now here I am, Tony I have had enough of you, you are bad and dangerous. It seems to me that not content with almost wrecking your country through your unwanted social engineering policies you now seem to want to finish the job by subverting democracy and start a civil war.

What is it that motivates you? Are you just a narcissistic maniac – or is it that you are the front man for darker more sinister agents? I have no way of knowing – but I agree with you on one point, people are allowed to change their mind, I saw you as the Golden Boy of the Left. You promised so much and had such an opportunity to shape your country into a better future, instead you took us down a dark path, created for us a society unable to communicate or identify with itself. A world of fear, lies and terror is the one you helped create for me. A world where children are systematically abused and the perpetrators protected by the elite media, a world where what is wholesome and true is twisted and corrupted and the perverse and malign accepted as the new normal.

So I have indeed changed my mind, you are a menace and an ongoing threat to my way of life. It is time you were brought to trial to face a Judge to answer for the lives of service men and women whose lives you wasted and for the millions of Iraqis whose country you destroyed.

A long spell in prison seems to be the only way to shut you up.



Refugees and the selfish narcissism of celebrities


You may have found it difficult to avoid the latest piece of celebrity grandstanding over the illegal immigrant camp at Calais. On her visit to the camp – also known as the Jungle, Lily Allen was provided a platform by journalists who were conveniently there on the same day to apologise on behalf of her country. The cause of her shame was the plight of some of the children there; clearly this brings more shame to a person then say having been a self confessed drug dealer.

Blunt as it may seem, the people in the camp in Calais are there illegally. They are in France, France is a civilised, developed country, they can claim asylum there, they choose not to. On this basis it is difficult to argue that they are genuine refugees; they are not fleeing anything anymore.

I am not insensitive to the plight of real refugees but I do feel that help should focus on improving conditions in their place of origin; I see no sense in importing poor people when we cannot even provide for our own.

I am also aware that any help this country gives comes from the same pot of money that funds schools and hospitals, the same pot that buys life saving equipment for our soldiers or provides shelter for our homeless. The same pot that pays for a pension, a pension that could mean the difference between having enough to eat or heating a home.

It is estimated that the family of Mohammed Emwazi (the notorious Jihadi John) needed some £500,000 from the tax payer to support them while they were here. Mohammed went on the show his gratitude to the tax payer by murdering aid workers in a most brutal fashion before he was killed by a missile in an airstrike that presumably cost the tax payer many tens of thousands more.

How many people went without cancer treatments because we allocated the money to his family? How many children did not get to University because we did not have enough money to give them the leg up in life they could have had? How many old people died cold and hungry before their time because we could not give them the care they could have had?

We don’t know the answers to these questions – maybe it made no difference, but this is not my point. My point is that moralising about the need to spend the taxes of poor people on the latest fashionable cause does not put you on a higher moral path to me. Far from it, people pay taxes for a system intended to provide and care for them, to take that money from them and spend it on some celebrity pet project is in my view immoral.

Lily is entitled to her opinion in the same way as everyone else, I don’t agree with her – but her opinion is not my issue, it is the grandstanding and halo waving by celebrities like Lily.

There are millions of people that give their money and time to worthy causes without feeling the need to behave in this way. Most do this quietly and often privately. Sometimes we do exhibit open displays for a cause, in November I wear a poppy to remember the fallen and to honour those that currently serve. Many of us have taken part in some communal effort like a fun run. I would argue that we do so for compassionate reasons and not to boost already over inflated egos or use other people’s suffering to raise our own profile.

It seems to me that Lily and the other moralising celebrities just enjoy the glow and admiration from a sycophantic media and social circle. Look at me, look at me they seem to say.

I am looking, I see selfish narcissism.