The ‘crisis’ crisis

One of the topics I like to write about is the way language is used to manipulate the way we think. To a certain extent we all do this, most of us have had to deliver bad news to someone we care about. At this level the ability to soften a blow is a social skill, in our professional lives this is often referred to as polishing a waste product.

This useful social skill does however leave us quite vulnerable to lies and deceitful manipulation. I have written a number of blogs about how politicians and the elite media do this to us, my particular irritation being with the BBC. Why do I attack the BBC so much? Well for two main reasons, because we are forced to pay for their manipulation and deceit in a way that I am not forced to pay a particular newspaper or subscribe to a TV channel and because of the almost complete dominance they have over everything we get to see, hear or read.

Some of the recent narrative from the BBC on the NHS and Housing has made me revisit the topic. Specifically the use of the term crisis. Crisis is one of the favourite words in the lexicon of any political party that is in opposition. It is practically impossible to get a Labour MP to say the word NHS without using the word crisis in the same sentence. Oddly enough once Labour get in to power we no longer have an NHS crisis. Natch.

Now politics is a fairly dirty business so I do understand why they do this and in fairness it does make a change from the ‘ we only have 24 months/weeks/days to save the NHS’ Labour party mantra that normally comes out before an election. What concerns me is not so much the predictable games from Labour politicians, it is the way the notion of the NHS being in permanent crisis is readily accepted as somehow a fact and goes unchallenged by most of the elite media and the BBC.

The other crisis we seem to hear a lot about is the ‘housing crisis’ i.e. too many people not enough houses and not enough affordable homes. Again the ‘housing crisis’ is used by Labour politicians to create a narrative against the Government who are clearly driving around in bulldozers raising entire council estates to the ground.

Yet have you not noticed the term ‘housing crisis’ is also an accepted fact across the elite media? Have you not listened in to a talk radio show and listened to the stories of people struggling to get onto the housing ladder, from their point of view of course there is a housing crisis.

But there isn’t a housing crisis, nor is there an NHS crisis. There is however an immigration crisis but of course you will not hear politicians or the elite media tell you this.

Don’t believe me? OK some simple arithmetic, lets say I run a hospital with ten doctors with one hundred beds for a population of one thousand people. That’s a ratio of one doctor per ten beds and one bed for every ten people in the population. Now on top of that lets say the doctors and the running cost of the hospital costs me £1000 per year, one pound per head of population. So far so good. Now I decide that I will maintain this level of funding, in fact I will protect it and ensure the funding allows for inflation, all things being equal things should remain the same leaving you with the sense that I know what I am doing and you can go about your daily business.

However what I did without speaking to you or anyone else to obtain their permission was to add 100 people to the population very rapidly. What is the effect of this? Well now the ratio of doctors to beds remains the same however there is now one bed per eleven people in the population and here is the real kicker, the funding per head of population has dropped from one pound per head to about 91 pence. The doctors have less time for you, it is harder to get a bed and as the population increases less and less will be spent on you.

Over time you begin to notice the deterioration in the service you once enjoyed, this is when I play the blame game, you see it is all to do with an ageing population. My friends in the elite media will now present this to you as a fact.

Now don’t be fooled by the ageing population argument, the population is always ageing, time being a property of the Universe. Whilst it is true that as more of us reach the limits of human longevity, age related illness will increase demand on the system. Yet blaming an ageing population for the ‘crisis’ is pretty dumb particularly when the ‘solution’ is to increase the population. Like er…what happens when they get old? This is the same logic as digging a hole in the ground and then deciding the best way to get rid of the spoil is to dig another hole to bury it in.

It is the same argument for housing, and let us not forget when you build housing you also need to build more roads and other infrastructure such as drains and electricity, water and gas. You will probably also need to build more schools and hospitals and of course shops, petrol stations and all the other things you will need to maintain the population. If you keep increasing the population then repeat the process until such time as you run out of land for things like, say nature, and then sit around and wait to starve to death as you have no land left for agriculture.

This is all so obvious and yet as soon as anyone tries to point this out they are immediately rounded on as though having a reasonable grasp of basic arithmetic turns you into Adolph Hitler. It does not. Having a basic grasp of arithmetic means you can count, do fractions and understand what is finite and exhaustible. Shouting people down and hitting them with a non existent halo doesn’t mean you have made a point although it does indicate very poor numeracy.

I have said a number of times that the struggle we face against the Dark State is waged on many fronts, one of them is the control of language. Most of us that understand the dangers we face have few tools at our disposal to fight back but the control of our language is one battle we can win, one battle you can fight.

So next time you hear someone speak about the NHS or housing crisis correct them politely and say ‘you mean of course the immigration crisis’.