And that girl had a wooden leg – how the Dark State media lie to you


For some time now I have been observing the way the establishment and their mouthpieces in the elite media manipulate information. To a certain extent I think this manipulation can be beneficial to a society, the AIDS campaign during the 1980s managed to scare the pants off (or should I say pants on?) the entire nation but I am quite sure many lives were saved as a consequence. I would also accept the argument that in times of war a Government has the right to misinform or conceal information that would harm the war effort. Perhaps more borderline is the observation many historians have made about the way journalists covered the war in Vietnam, whilst high command had learned to button their lips, the war was presented to the free world as unwinnable. Some have long argued the war was lost on TV screens at home, personally I feel the press for once did their job and told the world what was really happening and helped shorten the war and saved thousands of lives on both sides.

So having accepted that in certain circumstances a Government has a level of justification for misinformation then where is the line to be drawn? For me the two examples of protecting public health and the prosecution of war could be justified but I have a real problem when a government is not at war or trying to protect the public from a biological threat. I have a really big problem when Government misinformation is used instead against the interests of the people it is supposed to protect.

You may recall the confected outrage over the treatment of the so called ‘Windrush’ people. The name comes from one of the first boats to arrive in the UK bringing people from the Caribbean to British shores to start a new life here. I have no particular issue with the event, I went to school with some of their children, they formed part of my life. My focus is on how their story was manipulated to achieve something else. Quite clearly some of them had been unfairly treated and most decent minded people accepted this and wanted it put right. However I would believe that our establishment deliberately threw some of them under a bus to orchestrate something else. The story was whipped up in the media and a cabinet minister was forced to resign – the narrative of a ‘hostile environment’ in terms of the Home Office attitude to immigration was subtly planted in our minds.

Having managed to create a media storm over the affair and generate a sense of misrule within a Government department the path was clear to appoint a new Home Secretary, one who could now implement a softer approach and begin to remove the few remaining controls we had over illegal immigration throwing open the gates to the biggest source of illegal immigration to the UK, student visas from the Asian sub-continent. This I think was the real intent of the Windrush saga. The past week or so has provided yet another example of this form of manipulation. A mother was prevented from bringing cannabis oil into the country, the oil was to be used as a treatment for her child who suffers from terrible convulsions, she maintains the oil alleviates the condition. The Home Secretary (the same one removing our border controls) issued a special licence to permit her to have the oil which at present is illegal in the UK.

It is difficult not to feel sympathy with the mother for bringing in an illegal substance to treat a sick child – after all what parent wouldn’t do the same? Yet there is something that does not ring true for me. Given our lax border controls what are the odds on the mother being stopped in the first place? After all she hardly fits the profile of a drug smuggler. Why the rush to issue the licence? Why issue a licence when there is little evidence that cannabis oil has any therapeutic value for any ailment?

Yet the story unfolds, William Hague, the former Conservative Party leader quickly follows up with comments that the war on cannabis has been lost (as though it was ever fought). Cue now a manufactured debate about the legalisation of cannabis (which inevitably will lead to legalisation of all illicit drugs). It is worth pointing out that as a younger man I was familiar with cannabis – and a few other drugs besides. I stopped many years ago, I did not like the lifestyle changes cannabis brought, I became lazy and self-obsessed, happy to withdraw from the world into the comfort of an artificial drug induced one. I saw with my own eyes the damage drugs did to some of my friends, I remember a friend breaking down in tears before me crying ‘Charlie’s got me by the b*lls and there’s nothing I can do’. Drugs are bad, drugs are very, very bad and only the bad or the deluded would want them legalised.

Sadly there is a very vocal, very influential group of bad / deluded people that have sought to legalise drugs, some because they have no concept of the damage drugs do to the poorest in our society, some because it is that very damage they seek to achieve.

The manipulation technique follows a pattern, don’t tell people your real intentions, find a human interest story instead – a young child at a refugee camp in Calais, a sweet girl in a wheelchair from Syria. Tug on the nation’s heartstrings, create a media storm that something must be done then quietly implement what you really wanted to do under the guise of reacting to ‘public pressure’.

The events in America over the past few days are directly from the Liberalists playbook, President Trump, who has a democratic mandate to control illegal immigration, has been vilified by the elite media for separating families. Whilst I would agree he does appear to have been a bit heavy handed, pictures of children in cages have not been used to attack his approach – they have been used to silence anyone who thinks nations must control their borders or they cease to be nations. Notwithstanding the fake hysteria it is the sheer hypocrisy of the Liberalists and their attacks that I find hard to stomach, shipping millions of military aged men across the Mediterranean Sea is separating families on an industrial scale but that’s OK because that’s a ‘Liberal’ policy? For real?

I have forgotten the name of the movie but I remember a scene where a man is presenting an inspiring story to an audience describing the triumphs of a little girl, he concludes to his audience ‘and that little girl had a wooden leg’. The film was a comedy, the speaker later confided he had made the story up but the scene perfectly captured how we can get manipulated by the use of a personal tale that touches our hearts.

This is how our establishment and the elite media work against us – so beware the next time you hear a little girl with a wooden leg story. Something else is going on and it almost certainly is not to our benefit.



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