The #PeoplesVote – how to steal a country from its people

Until Tony Blair decided to make white people illegal I was a very committed Labour supporter. Nowadays I don’t support any political party or political ideology, preferring instead to focus on more simple observations about the world, a favourite observation is that the poor are so poor because the rich are so rich. This observation is logical – given any finite resource if a small part of a group of people control most of it then the rest of the group has less.

Political ideology attempts to solve the problem of wealth distribution, two of the main ‘solutions’ are either to tax the wealthy and to redistribute their money or to create the conditions where those that have less at least have an opportunity to create more. Both of these approaches have failed, the wealthy are adept at hiding their money (since they own the politicians) and no one has ever really explained how you magically generate more from something that is finite. I suppose we could all keep pretending that printing more money or generating more ones and zeroes in bank computers creates more wealth but that would require a level of collective stupidity normally confined to politicians and economic ‘experts’.

Ideology fails and it will continue to fail because it does not address human nature. In order to save time I will be blunt, the reason the rich are so rich is because a small part of our gene pool produces greedy bastards with no sense of shame and a super inflated sense of entitlement, in the main these people are the wealthy elite and are expert at exploiting decent people. A similar percentage of people are lazy bastards with no sense of shame and a super inflated sense of entitlement, these people are very good at exploiting the welfare system established by decent people. In the middle of these two cohorts are the majority – decent people, the people who work, create and produce and the people the wealthy and the lazy harvest for their parasitic existence.

OK – I have maybe painted society with too broad a brush, but I hope at least you can see what I am getting at. Human society has been plagued by these people since we left the caves and political ideology is not going to change that, I am afraid for the time being the rich are always with us, they have no intention of sharing their wealth with us but expect us to share ours with them and they do not feel the slightest prick of self-consciousness about it.

Wealth and power are connected, whilst it is true some very powerful men in history had little or no money (Adolph Hitler was remarkably austere) money has always bought influence and a great deal of power. The financier George Soros who has never held public office seems to have most of the world’s leaders on speed dial should he require an audience – this despite the fact that he is not a citizen of most of the countries he likes to meddle in. I don’t know a single British person who enjoys the privilege of lobbying the Prime Minister directly at a whim but this is the world we live in.

One of the few checks society has introduced to limit the power of a predatory elite is democracy. The term comes from Greek and means rule by people. Much as the elite refuse to share their wealth they absolutely resent sharing power. The problem for the elite is that modern technology requires an educated workforce, an educated workforce starts to ask awkward questions like ‘who are you and why are you telling me what to do?’. Democracy on the terms of the wealthy elite, much as it pains them, does at least help control a reasonably educated workforce, after all when you own all the political parties you hardly care which one the plebs vote for. This pretty much explains the current predicament across the West since no matter how we vote we get the same no borders globalist dogma inflicted upon us, the most obvious explanation to me is that all main political parties are bought and paid for by the same wealthy elite, we just get to choose which personality to shaft us.

What the wealthy elite really fear is direct democracy, this is where us voters get the chance to vote on decisions that affect our lives and have a say in how our country is run. Politicians don’t like referenda because it limits their power and the wealthy elite really hate referenda because it actually does mean their vote carries no more weight than anyone else’s and what is worse the politicians they own are not able to carry out their master’s orders.

This brings me to the referendum and the decision by the people of the United Kingdom to leave the European Union. I don’t intend to revisit the debate over Brexit here but I think most seriously minded people however they voted must have noticed the incredible hysteria once the vote went a different way to that the establishment expected and a result the wealthy elite thought they had paid for.

For the two years since we have seen a constant effort to de-legitimise the result, i.e. it was the Russians, we were lied to (that’s right, I thought we were electing a bus), we were stupid and ill informed (well if we’re stupid we whipped your hide, what’s that say about you?). Against this backdrop has been a very well funded self styled “People’s Vote” – I think very little money for it actually came from the British people, I would wager most of it came from foreign interests. The purpose of this “People’s Vote” is not to endorse any final deal on EU membership, its sole purpose is to cheat the people in a decision they have already taken. If it proceeds the ongoing coup against the people of this country will be completed. We will be finished as people within a generation or two, most have noticed how much our establishment dislike us, never underestimate the spiteful revenge they will exact on us for trying to thwart their plans if they manage to overturn the result.

The elite have never accepted the outcome of the referendum and have sought to undermine it ever since, so learn their tactics and use them against them, de-legitimise the so-called “People’s” Vote, our media is not going to do it so we need to. People’s Vote are desperate to avoid the appearance of this being a second referendum – so challenge them on this as it is their weak point and exposes their dishonesty, if it is not a second referendum then why are they asking people to remain in the EU when they have already voted to leave? Surely if it was a People’s Vote the question on the ballot should be accept the deal the Prime Minister negotiates or leave the EU without a deal? Never pass up an opportunity to ask why it is wealthy foreigners are pouring money into the People’s Vote campaign, never fail to point out that there seem to be an awful lot of very wealthy, privileged people seeking to overturn the referendum. Finally never stop asking exactly what sort of country do people expect they will be living in if 52% of the population have been told their votes don’t count and keep pressing them on this point until they answer.

There is of course a brighter alternative future for us and that involves ensuring the outcome of the referendum is respected and that we leave the EU (hopefully with a good deal). Do that and we can push further, for the first time in decades the people were given an actual say in the running of their country, we have the technology for more direct democracy, direct democracy makes political parties redundant and diminishes the power of the people who have been sitting on our backs for millennia and transfers that power to us.

And of course once the power is transferred to us we can finally ask the question, ‘who are you – and can you explain where you got all this money from?’