My name is Tom. There is little that is interesting or unusual about me. I am a passionate believer in truth, freedom and democracy. I believe in free Nation States and non violent means to secure them. Outside of that forget about me I am nobody, focus instead on my words.

Over the years I have noticed this country changing in ways that I am no longer comfortable with. I have noticed how our political class offers us a fake choice, that no matter how we vote we get the same Globalist dogma inflicted upon us against our wishes. I am now of the opinion that nearly all political parties are fake, the same people control them all.

I am concerned that something has gone seriously wrong with our academic institutions that now seem to produce a conveyor belt of people that have all been trained in what to think rather than how to think.

My greatest sense of alarm is the strange behaviour of the BBC which now seems less about presenting facts and more about manipulating the truth rather than telling it.

I could give in to the increasing anger I feel about things, I have decided instead to channel my anger into doing something – putting my thoughts into writing in hope that some of what I say can influence things and steer us to a better world.




2 thoughts on “About

  1. I love and agree with everything you say but remains to be seen what the catch is in your opinions and outlook there will be one. Until then i look forward with anticipation to your words which at the moment are like manna from heaven in such hellish times . Good luck.

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